"embrace" 5x7
Theese are BLOCK PRINTS-linoleum carvings pressed with ink on various mediums such as paper, organza & wood.
This way creating one of a kind prints .(NOTE similar pieces available in different colors/bakground -material if sold)
"relax" 4x12 inch
"passionate" 8x10 inch
"buddha"5x7 inch
"bamboo"(long : 8x18 inch)
"citrus" 16x20 inch
"kiwi" 8x11  
"meditating" 6x6 inch on bamboo
"submissive"  6x8 inch
"apples" 8x20 inch
"bamboo" (small :10x10 inch)
"ready" 6x7 inch
"playfull" 8x10 inch
"lovers" 5x7
"rest" 5x7
"muse"  12x14 inch
" eye"on bamboo 5x7 inch  
"wintertree" 16x12
"summertree" 12x16 inch
"sun" 20x20 inch
"city"  12x14 inch
"faces" 16x16 inch, on bamboo  
"bud" 16x16 inch
"tagabashi" 8x12 inch           
"orchids" 12x14 inch
"mulberry" 12x14 inch
"roses" 9x12 inch
"dandelion" 9x12 inch
"large bamboo" 12x12 inch